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PCA takes over management of ACF for 2011-2012

The 31st ASEAN Constructors Federation (ACF) Meeting held last December 2010 in Thailand finished off with the Philippine Constructors Association, Inc. (PCA) as the new ACF Secretariat for year 2011-2012.

To be able to put up with the gravity of this new assignment, PCA 2nd Vice President Ronaldo Elepano, Jr. put forward during a PCA board meeting conducted subsequent to the concluded ACF Meeting that the association comes up with a budget proposal for all the secretariat expenses that will be incurred during its term as the acting ACF desk. 

In a separate board meeting, it was agreed upon by the PCA Board of Directors that the delegates who are to officially represent the association in the imminent ACF Council Meetings will be Secretary Wilfredo Decena, President Levy Espiritu and 2nd Vice President Victorino Lahoz. 

During the meeting in Bali, Indonesia last 2010, Thailand proposed that Chiang Mai, Thailand be the host yet again for the 32nd ACF meeting which will be held either on May or June this year. In time with the looming PHILCONSTRUCT Show that will be spearheaded by PCA this November 2011, the 33rd ACF Meeting on November will be in Manila. On the other hand, the possibility of holding next year’s council meetings either in Cebu or in Davao is still left open. 

This biennial council meeting aims to establish stronger affiliation between and among ACF’s constituent countries and keep them always in the loop.

Management of the Federation is a round-robin affair and changes every two years. It was the Indonesia Contractors Association (ICA) that preceded the PCA in managing the ACF.



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