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ICTSI may bid for Sasa Port modernization project

International Container Terminal Services, Inc. (ICTSI) may bid for the Sasa Port Modernization Project if the government decides to tweak the investment cost of the seaport project.

According to ICTSI vice-president and Asia Region head Christian R. Gonzalez, they are reconsidering the required investment amounts.

“If that’s reconsidered, we’ll look at it again. If the numbers are reasonable, there’s a possibility we will participate,” he said.

ICTSI has yet to purchase the bid documents for the P18.99-billion project.

The deadline for the submission of the prequalification documents is set for June 30.

The project earlier drawn flak from Davao’s business community and local government units on worries it will compete with existing private sector interest.

The two other ports in Davao are owned by Davao International Container Terminals, Inc. and Hijo International Port Services, Inc., majority owned by ICTSI.

In a statement, Mr. Gonzalez disclosed that they had been consulted by the government and that they had been involved to some degree from the very beginning because of their active contract in Sasa.

“We understand the market. We knew clearly that project cost wasn’t going to fly with all the private port operators including ourselves. We’ll see how it goes,” he said.

Asked if ICTSI would need a partner in bidding for the Sasa project, Mr. Gonzales said: “From my understanding of the requirements, obviously we would qualify. We’re one of the leading container terminal operators in the world.”

The Sasa project involves modernizing existing infrastructure and the construction of a new apron, linear quay, container yards, warehouses, as well as expansion of its backup area and the installation of ship-to-shore cranes and rubber-tired gantry.

The winning bidder will operate and maintain the port for 30 years.



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