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President's Message
President's Message

President's Message (February 2013)

With the country’s 2012 full-year economic growth rate having surpassed official targets of 5-6% at 6.6%, the construction industry can certainly look forward to a more robust 2013.

We opened this year with a series of planning sessions to plot our goals for year 2013. The PCA has reorganized and formed 10 new committees; namely, Construction Markets Development; Construction Labor Relations & Safety Development; Construction Manpower Development; Construction Materials, Equipment & Technology Development; Construction Finance & Taxation Development; Membership, Chapters & Affiliates; Programs & Sports; International Relations; Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), Public Information & Public Relations; and Integrity Initiative & Professional Practice Oversight.

With our committees working in full force, we anticipate this year to be a year teeming with opportunities. We urge our contractors to be more circumspect about yourselves and create a moat around your current position by improving your management skills, technological prowess and financial might. While you do that, your current board of directors remain bent towards providing events and activities that would place you at a distinct advantage over the competition.

Expect seminars, skills training programs, technical research and strategic lobby operations to take the forefront of our priorities this year. Needless to say, we shall not shrink away from our corporate social responsibilities (CSR) to provide effective calamity response where our support is mostly needed.

This January, we have completed the re-roofing of  22 classrooms in the communities of Lambajon, Baganga, Davao Oriental and Monkayo, Compostela Valley, two of the areas hit by the fury of Typhoon Pablo last December.  This project was made possible with the help of Davao Constructors Association Inc. (DCACI) and the Women in Construction (WIC).  Many of our members and affiliates including ACEL, and PSVARE have already pledged or remitted their donations for the re-roofing and reconstruction of over 400 classrooms.  The rough cost estimate to re-roof one classroom is 50,000 pesos and everyone is invited to take part in this opportunity to help out.

We hope that our members will continue to support all the activities and events of PCA and will remain steadfast in attending our monthly general membership meetings this 2013. Take full advantage of your membership in PCA and see how doing so can benefit you and your business.



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