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President's Message
President's Message

President's Message for December

It has been half a year since the PCA website was re-launched and its hype continues to intensify through time. 

Undeniably, the last quarter of 2011 has been action-packed for the members and directors of the association. The PCA’s involvement in the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) Meeting held in Hanoi, Vietnam and in the 8th China-ASEAN Exposition and Relevant Forum held in China exemplifies PCA’s sweeping influence in the international construction scene. News on Philconstruct 2011, the 39th IFAWPCA Convention, the Nordic Leadership Conference, the 3rd ACF CSTST Meeting and the 33rd ACF Council Meeting brings the entire PCA membership up-to-date with the association’s dynamism in chasing its pursuit of a competitive construction industry for the Philippines. 

Last month, we added another feature in the homepage of the website to keep those who are not well-acquainted with web browsing as posted as those who are. This feature involves news briefs and photos of recent significant PCA events plugged in a flash advertisement routine, such that non-conversant site visitors can instantly see the displayed event highlights without having to go through the website tabs and archives. 

Announcements of public biddings and invitations of various industry events have also been positioned right at the introductory portion of the homepage.  Likewise, the structured news on the PPP, PCA and the Philippine Construction Industry have been valuable in providing industry players in and around the world with a wealth of information about what has been going on in the association and the industry at large.

Currently, we are finalizing the mechanism of the soon-to-be-launched online forum that will allow for a more interactive communication among PCA members. With this, I encourage everyone to regularly visit the website and take full advantage of what it can provide. 

2011 is almost coming to an end.  But, there is a whole lot more that has to be done. As we claim to be the builders of this nation, we hope that PCA members will make an effort to visit the website on a regular basis and contribute whatever you can. Put your oar in issues that are significant to the industry and your business and give justice to our call. 

On behalf of the PCA Board, I congratulate everyone for a job well-done this 2011 and look forward to another fruitful year with you this coming 2012. Happy Holidays! 



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