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“We want to see PCA as a respected organization and as a catalyst for the continuous improvement of standards and practices to achieve a sustainable and globally competitive construction industry to benefit primarily the Philippines, the Filipino people, and the world.”


“Using the collective leverage of the construction industry, we want to be an agent of change of critical issues for the benefit of our members and stakeholders.”

  1. TO UPHOLD THE HONOR and dignity of the construction industry, a contractor should be fair and honest in his business dealings. His practices and activities should be guided by the principles of justice and equity.
  2. TO FOSTER GOOD UNDERSTANDING, a contractor should conduct himself with honor and dignity in his relations with his fellow contractors. He should cooperate with them for the protection and advancement of the construction industry. It is highly unethical to speak maliciously of the work, reputation or ability of a fellow contractor.
  3. CLIENTS AND OWNERS are entitled to quality service and faithful performance of the undertaking. Contracting should be carried on a high ethical level.
  4. IT IS NOT ONLY IMPROPER but also immoral for a contractor to advertise his firm’s business in misleading terms and false representations. The contractor upholds the principle of truth in advertising.
  5. A CONTRACTOR SHOULD BE FAIR and just to his employees and sub-contractors.
  6. UNFAIR COMPETITION is a disservice to the construction industry. Any attempt to supplant a fellow contractor who is in the employ of the owner or to prevent a contractor from undertaking that which the owner has engaged him to do, is a practice inconsistent with the honor and dignity of the industry. A contractor should therefore refrain from such practice.
  7. A CONTRACTOR should hold himself dedicated to the proposition that the construction industry should be rid of individuals whose reputation, conduct and practices are inimical to the industry and to the public in general.


                                  I am a Constructor and proud of it;

                                  I cherish the friendship and camaraderie of my fellow constructors
                                              because they consider me an upright citizen,
                                              capable of rendering a professional service
                                              worthy of my calling;

                                 In return, I pledge:

                                 To strive and improve the quality of service;

                                 I shall, at all times, be honest in all my dealings
                                            and practice the ethics of the profession;

                                 I shall comfort myself in a manner
                                            that shall bring honor and prestige to my profession;


                                 In times of calamities,
                                           I shall be first in my community in bringing aid
                                           and comfort to the victims of such calamities.

                                 So help me God.







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